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It is the best city tour that I have done.

I am a San Franciscan and I learned so much. I do tours with friends for fun birthdays and also to entertain out of town guests and this is the best one ever. -baseballmary

Excellent Tour of the City with a Cinematic Twist

I highly reccommend this movie tour. We were able to see sights of the city that I probably wouldn’t have gone to see myself. The movie component was great because the movie clips were timed out exactly to where we were in the city. I had not seen the majority of the movies that were on the list, even though they are really well known movies, but the clips that were played allowed me to understand what was going on and matched up with the buildings or street corners that we were passing. Our tour guide Wylie was very knowledgable and made the experience very fun. We got to get out at certain spots along the tour, my favorite was the Golden Gate Bridge stop, because I have never seen the bridge from that angle before. (Great photo opps). They picked us up close to our hotel (Union Square) which made it very simple and hassle free. If you are a movie buff or not, this tour was great! -bthnywllms

A very good way to see San Francisco differently

We really enjoyed the Tour – it was comfortable comprehensive with a very different perspective on the sights and sounds of San Franciso. It helps to be interested in movies but no great knowledge is required. The tour guide was very good – enthusiastic and obliging. The small party size made it seem very personal. We found ourselves talking about it to friends a great deal afterwards as we remembered movies and being there where they were made. It was memorable for us. -eddycstreet

Best Tour in SF

This is definitely one of the best tours ever. The tour guide was fabulous. He has so much passion about what he is sharing. I have been on this tour twice, and will go on it again sometime. Loved it!! -drdowell

Terrific way to spend a day in San Francisco!

My friend and I took this movie tour and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who likes movies. We had no idea that so many movies had been made in SF. The knowledge of the tour guide was so expansive (AJ) that she provided details that no one would know except someone who had studied the movie industry and the individual movies. Having a video showing clips from so many movies and then seeing the actual site, right outside our window, was so much fun!! AJ had a wonderful sense of humor and provided a running commentary that never slowed down … she was terrific! It was pouring rain on the day we had the tour and it didn’t deter at all from the fun. AJ provided an endless supply of paper towels to clear the windows from all the “hot air”! I kept the list of films that were highlighted on the tour and will rent them again as soon as I can and look at them with a whole new perspective, thanks to this tour and AJ’s knowledge. – Mary

A fantastic way to discover San Francisco!

It’s has been a terrific experience. I highly recommend it. this is quite an unique way to discover a city. You will learn a lot and even though you’re not a movie fan An unique experience if you want to see the city from a different point of view. -HHANNEWALD

Love Movies? Must do the Movie Tour!!

Our tour guide AJ was fantastic, bringing to life many films shot in and around San Francisco. She made the tour fun and enjoyable. I am a movie buff and this beat any other tour I could have taken while in San Francisco. You still enjoy all parts of the city but they become more interesting when you pair them with the films shown on board the tour bus. I would certainly recommend this tour to anyone who loves the movies or just wants an interesting twist on a tour. -designgal10

We enjoyed the tour immensely, very well done

The tour was jam-packed with interesting information and included almost everything we could think of that was set in San Francisco and then some. We especially liked the way a video clip from a show or movie was shown on the screen in the tour bus and then you look out your window and there is the location right before your eyes. Also, the tour took us through some areas and past some spots that we wanted to see anyway. The guide was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. All-in-all we highly recommend this tour and are glad we found it. -fotopharm2

One of the Highlights of our Holiday – Fantastic

This was our first visit to San Fran on what was a wonderful holiday of a lifetime was enriched more by this movie tour that was presented extremely well with clips of the movies and then seeing the location for real. Brian, the tour guide was very knowledgeable and was able to adapt the tour to his audience. Plenty of stops, special highlight for us was getting up close to the Golden Gate Bridge. We would recommend this tour without hesitation. Keep up the good work Brian, best wishes. -Jeffries100